True love knows no boundaries! Even between rabbits

True love knows no boundaries! Even between rabbits

No one knows how true sympathy and affection enter this world. One minute you’re totally fine just hanging around, and the next moment you wonder how you’ve managed to survive without her for all this time.

Scientists say that falling in love presupposes some chemistry going on in our brains, with a bunch of different hormones engaged as well. In layman’s terms, you start feeling butterflies in your stomach and has no other options but to fantasize about that specific person. But this probably works for human beings only, because researchers haven’t proved the ability of animals to experience deep affection. Well, who cares about those geeks anyway! Anyone but this rabbit! He does seem taken with this Pep lady and tries to take some action to get closer to her.

As any true love affair in the world’s history, this one ends up tragically as well. The only thing we can do is to wish this brave fellow to finally meet his soulmate.


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