Another 'Pregnant Man' gives birth

Another 'Pregnant Man' gives birth

In 2008, Thomas Beatie, who was popularly known as “The Pregnant Man”, garnered international attention as the first transgender man who gave birth. His pregnancy even became the subject of The Oprah Winfrey Show’s documentary film.

While Beatie’s popularity has faded now, a Chinese man has stirred the World Wide Web as the new 'Pregnant Man'.

Zhang Chan, 33 years old, is obviously not happy about his new title. It turns out that his title is only a metaphor for the growing lump in his stomach, which he discovered over a decade ago. It started in 2004, where he complained of a discomfort in his stomach. Two years later, doctors reported of a growing lump inside his stomach. By 2011, the lump had grown to the size of a beach ball.

As Chan’s stomach continued to increase, doctors and physicians told him that removing it would be too dangerous. The tumor had already pressed on his internal organs, particularly his bladder and intestines.

Another 'Pregnant Man' gives birth

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His family did not lose hope and continued to raise money to pay for a specialist surgeon and the operation itself.

In the beginning of 2016, his family raised enough money for his operation and a six-hour procedure was finally carried out in the Military General Hospital last April. Dr. Dai Ruiwu, the lead surgeon of Chan’s operation, successfully removed the humongous tumor which weighed 33 pounds.

Chan is now resting at the hospital to recover, and the Chinese media described his experience as 'finally giving birth.'

After the incident, Chan’s sister claimed that her brother attracted legions of women who wanted to date him. Chan is currently a bachelor, and has been single ever since.

This is good news for the man who finally lost his 'baby weight', and hopefully it will not come back again.

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