Did Mariel Rodriguez have another miscarriage?

Did Mariel Rodriguez have another miscarriage?

On June 14, 2016, ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host and actress Mariel Rodriguez immediately checked herself in a hospital after feeling abdominal pain.

I rushed myself at the hospital thinking something was wrong because it was a feeling I have not felt before,” she relayed to her Facebook friends and followers.

Rodriguez, who had just returned from Amsterdam with her husband/actor Robin Padilla, also feared that she was having contractions. She remained hopeful that her condition was caused by urinary tract infection (UTI) or a gas-related complication instead.

Did Mariel Rodriguez have another miscarriage?

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She confessed that she has been feeling paranoid about what people are saying about her pregnancy.

I was so paranoid maybe because they kept saying don’t travel bla bla, don’t eat this, don’t drink that, too much negativity,” she said.

But after hearing her baby’s heartbeat, all of her fears vanished and she felt completely relieved.

My baby is just really playful. It was the baby's movements I was feeling!!!!,” she exclaimed as the doctors told her that the condition of her baby is still well.

Instead of letting negative comments get to her, she stated that she will not pay attention to any unsolicited advice.

“I won't do anything that would harm my baby and I'm not going to let comments affect me anymore. I am sensitive, hormonal and paranoid as it is what I need from people...their prayers not unsolicited advice,” she said.

She is now taking a leave from her hosting duties due to her condition, and expressed that she is more than thankful for all the support that her ‘It’s Showtime’ family is showing her.

On her Facebook post, she reassured her friends and followers that she and her baby are “doing fabulous” and she is having a "strong baby here…just like daddy."

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