3 signs you are dating an ultimate rebounder

3 signs you are dating an ultimate rebounder

Rebounders are everywhere. You meet a girl who seems so interested in you and makes you feel that at last, you have finally found the one. Then you will end up realizing that she is only using you to as a human device to help her move on from her recent breakup or worst, to make her hot ex jealous. The problem with a rebound relationship is that once the rebounder have worked through her emotional struggle from her last heartbreak, her “relationship” with you will end up quicker than you can say “let go!”

3 signs you are dating an ultimate rebounder

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There is nothing bad about dating a rebounder as long as you will be ready for the nerve-wracking emotional roller-coaster of dating someone who always compares you with her gym-buff ex. There are rebound relationships that could blossom into a healthy and lasting relationship. However, statistically, rebound relationships end up badly, so save yourself from trouble by knowing the tell-tale signs that the hot girl you are dating is a rebounder.

1. The EX is Always in the Picture

Your date mentions that she is still friends with her ex or perhaps would like to add her ex as a friend on Facebook, and you ignore it thinking that she probably hates having bad blood with the men she has dated in the past. You go to her place and she shows you picture frames and albums containing her past out-of-the-country travels with her recent ex-beau. She opens her closet and shows you a trunk of other items given by her ex. If the girl you are dating keeps a memoir of her ex or if he is still theoretically active in your date’s life, then you are in a rebound relationship.

2. She is the Queen of Bitterness

Your date suddenly cries while you are watching an Adele concert because the bitterness-centric songs remind her of her dysfunctional relationship with her ex. You take her to a really nice restaurant, but she suggests that you go to another place because the one you want to have lunch at brings to mind the past dinner dates she had. More importantly, your dinner conversation revolves around the topic of how she was dumped by her asshole boyfriend, and that is the tenth time she has told you that sob story.

3. Her Friends Give You the Red Flags

Her friends tell you that it is too early for their BFF to be on the dating scene again. When they give you hints that your blooming relationship is a disaster waiting to happen, do not ignore them. It is either they do not want you to get hurt in the process or they just despise you, but the end result is that you will free yourself from the trouble of becoming the future pawn of a bitter, revengeful rebounder.

Moving on from any relationship is never easy especially if the person in question is still fresh from the breakup. If you think you are dating are a certified rebounder, you have the option to accept the fact that you are a reboundee and stick with her until she is done nursing her heartbreak. However, the best thing to do is to distance yourself from her until she is more than ready to engage in and commit to the relationship that you are offering her. Remember that you are not the stop-over, you should be the destination.

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