5 'NEVERs' you should know when dating

5 'NEVERs' you should know when dating

When you have been in the dating scene for ages, you probably have realized that dating is a fictional battlefield with armed trolls and fiery dragons at every post. However, one thing that you can expect from having been in the dating pool for too long is that it teaches you valuable lessons on how to become a better man, let alone a better date.

5 'NEVERs' you should know when dating

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Surely, you have been rejected, ignored, and even stood up countless times by the “perfect girl,” but these experiences, when viewed with the right frame of mind, can transform you into a dejected, envious, and insecure boy to a mature, open-minded, and respectful man. To keep a positive outlook in dating, you should never say “never.” But here are the “NEVERs” you should keep in mind when dating.

1. Never Underestimate Your Date’s Value

Always give every person you date a fair shot. There are times when you think that you are a better person than the girl you are dating. You may be more knowledgeable in several areas than her, but you can still learn something important from her. If you date people with a mind not clouded with judgment, you will be amazed at what your date can share with you.

2. Never Expect Your Date to Understand When You Are Always Late

Whether you are dating a girl for the first time or you have been dating her for weeks, never expect her to understand your excuse for being late. Remember that you are only excused for being late on the uncommon chance of emergency. Always leave 10 to 15 minutes earlier. Being punctual will not kill you. Of if it does, then you are a first-rate jackass.

3. Never Be the Perfect Guy

You might have the looks and body worthy of an Armani underwear campaign, have the best job in the world, or drive the latest Jaguar, but these do not mean that you are God’s gift to women and that girls are itching to get into your pants. Take comfort in the fact that you are not perfect (no one is, anyway.) Thinking that you are perfect and that you do not need to change anything only stunts your improvement and growth.

4. Never Expect Relationships to Fix You

The person you date will never complete you. If you are not happy with your life, you should not expect the person you date to change that. Make sure that you are satisfied with your life and what you have because you will only end up burning out the other person if you keep on spilling your problems onto them. Take note that happiness is a choice, and you are the ONLY person who can determine your happiness.

5. Never Think You Are a “Settler”

In the dating lingo, the term “settling” means that you have come face-to-face with the fact that you are dating someone who is below your league. The truth is, if you are dating a girl whom you think is below your wavelength, it simply means that you are being receptive and opening yourself more to someone who is different from the crowd that you date. The more people you date within or outside your comfort zone, the more chances that you will find the perfect girl.

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