Vintage Cars Allowed On Weekends, Holidays Only – LTO

Vintage Cars Allowed On Weekends, Holidays Only – LTO

Vintage cars should be driven on weekends and holidays only, according to the latest regulation issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

LTO announced that all car models manufactured prior to 1975 must be registered in their database and can be taken out for a drive during a weekend or on a holiday. LTO’s official Administrative Order RPC-2016-033 also stated that the cars falling under this category will be issued with new license plates that include the vehicle’s year model inscribed at the bottom.

Moreover, these vintage cars will be able to participate in various exhibitions, parades, fan club activities that are organized based on government regulations. This order also applies on vintage cars that are mainly used for display or storage.

There will surely be a disagreement from vintage cars collectors and enthusiasts regarding this latest memorandum. Some vintage car owners are already making a fuss on the limited public use given to classic vehicles.

In addition, some raised their eyebrows in this new policy since the car owners who had applied for license plates last year and have not yet received them and LTO denied the refund of the fee.

The order will be fully enforced after 15 days starting on Apr. 17.



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