WATCH: Mom dog gives birth to puppies; what dad dog does next will make you cry

WATCH: Mom dog gives birth to puppies; what dad dog does next will make you cry

It has long been debated whether intelligent animals like dogs can feel complex emotions such as love and affection. This cute and heartwarming viral video – which has already garnered more than 5 million views – shows that those who believe dogs can love might actually be right.

After an intense and difficult birth, the German Shepherd mother dog felt completely tired, drained and exhausted. As her cute little puppies cuddle with her to get some milk, the only thing the poor mom can do is to lie down and try to fall asleep. The puppies are very healthy but their mom cannot seem to move her muscle due to extreme fatigue.

But if you think that you are the only one who is feeling sorry for the mother dog, think again! The father dog goes to his tired wife, repeatedly licks her face and tries to make her feel comfortable.

The video of the canine family has captured the hearts of millions of people, with many viewers commenting on how sweet the father dog is to his wife and how cute the hungry puppies were.

Many viewers also believe that the video proves once and for all that dogs can feel love and affection for one another. But what do animal behaviorists think about a dog’s capacity to love and show affection?

According to recent studies, dogs do feel love and affection not only to get food and security but also for bonding and social comfort.

How about you? Do you think that intelligent animals like dogs can feel love for humans and other animals? Or is their affection just animal instinct? You can share your thoughts by posting in the comments section below!

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