New MMDA website to make motorists' life easier

New MMDA website to make motorists' life easier

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is set to launch a new website on Friday, June 17, which allows motorists to check if their driver’s licenses have pending traffic violations with the agency.

New MMDA website to make motorists' life easier

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“We will launch the where motorists can input their license number to view if they have committed violations recorded by the MMDA,” Ria Rubia, Digital Media Deputy and Planning Officer of the MMDA, announced during the agency’s radio program on Sunday.

The website also enables motorists to see specific details such as the time, place and the corresponding penalty for their traffic violations. The list of violations would also include the ones committed before the website is launched.

A motorist can see if there are still unpaid violations under his or her name,” Rubia said.

In the future, the website will also list all of the violations tagged by local government units and not just those tagged by the MMDA.

“We are working on putting all these violations together [in one website],” Rubia explained.

According to Rubia, the website will help decrease the number of inquiries the MMDA receives every day and will provide motorists with an easier and more accessible way of knowing about their violations and penalty fees.

In May, the MMDA successfully launched a website called “,” which enables motorists to check if their vehicles have been caught under the no-contact apprehension policy by typing their license plate numbers in the website.

The MMDA’s no-contact apprehension policy utilizes hundreds of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in places like C-5, Commonwealth Avenue, EDSA, and throughout Metro Manila to monitor and record traffic violations without the need of traffic enforcers personally apprehending the traffic offenders.

The policy also helps motorists avoid MMDA traffic officers who offer to let go of their traffic violations in exchange for money.

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