Duterte Leads 7 Eleven Mock Poll

Duterte Leads 7 Eleven Mock Poll

Duterte Leads 7 Eleven Mock Poll
The cups designs of the 7 Election Cups Poll. Taken from 7-election.com.ph.

Duterte Leads 7 Eleven Mock Poll

In a rather clever advertising for their Gulp slurpee drink, 7 Eleven conducted mock polls for this year's 2016 presidential elections. Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte won by a commanding margin of 58% of almost half a million "7 Election Cups" from 1,650 outlets nationwide, from March 23 to April 1. Surprisingly, the second place for the mock poll were people who were undecided, just over a month before the elections on May 9 at 14%. "This may be indicative of the need for the candidates to work harder," said Emmanuel Lee Esguerra, Philippine Seven Corp.'s marketing communications division head.


Senator Grace Poe, who currently is leading the polls, placed only third at 11% of the cups. She is followed by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago at 6.3% and Vice President Jejomar Binay at 5.9%. Administration standard bearer Mar Roxas placed last, getting only 7% of the cups.

The poll will run until May 2. However, Esguerra pointed out the the mock poll is unofficial and unscientific. "The 7-Election cups is simply a fun way to encourage voters’ participation in the coming elections. It aims to encourage the public to get to know more the candidates and to go out and vote in May,” said Esguerra.

A Prediction of Election Winners?

The 7 Election cups were also used in the United States during their presidential elections. It was used in the 2000 presidential elections and predicted the win of George W. Bush over John Kerry. In the 2008 presidential elections, the cups poll predicted the win of Barack Obama over John McCain.

In the Philippines, the poll was introduced as well in the 2010 elections. During 2010, Aquino was winning 38% of the polls. In the elections, the Commission on Elections noted that he won 42% of the official votes cast later on.

Poll Weaknesses

Esguerra noted however that it would be "hard to say" if the results obtained from the cups poll were indicative of any definitive lead. According to Esguerra, there were many factors in place such as the number of outlets in the Philippines as well as the strength of social media.

"We now have more outlets, especially in the Visayas and Mindanao. Also, there’s the factor of the [pervasiveness of] social media," said Esguerra.

He noted though, that despite 80% of the participating outlets are in Luzon, Duterte still leads. Only in 2012 did they open their first outlet in Cebu and just last year in Davao. Most of the candidates received higher votes in their home base. Duterte in Davao, Santiago in Iloilo, Binay in Makati. Poe topped a Nueva Ecija branch. Roxas got a huge cups lead in an outlet in Balanga, Bataan.

Esguerra said that these numbers weren't definitive, because Roxas, for example, while he placed first in Balanga, in recent polls he only places third. The same rings true for Binay.

Customers can purchase the cups for P25 in order to participate in the poll. You can view the results of the poll and daily updates at www.7-election.com.ph.



Source: KAMI.com.gh

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