[WATCH] Sexy guys 'kembot' to #TrumpetsChallenge

[WATCH] Sexy guys 'kembot' to #TrumpetsChallenge

These hot and sexy guys will make your ‘trumpets blow.’

 The newest dance craze sensation today is “Trumpets” by Sak Noel and Salvi. Fans have made #TrumpetsChallenge trend globally by posting their dance videos to the song. What makes this challenge different from the other dance challenges is that the dance steps require the male dancers to move flamboyantly.

Here’s a compilation of sexy guys as they kembot to the “Trumpets” song.

Elmo Magalona

Actor Elmo Magalona might not have known all the moves to the song, but he gets an A+ for effort and also for being cute.

Sando boys

These three sando boys gives us #squadgoals with this #TrumpetsChallenge. The random person in the back also adds a certain roughness to their masterpiece.

Topless bros

These topless bros show off their amazing skills in flexing and grinding.

Miggy Tolentino

That’s My Bae winner, Miggy Tolentino, makes us giddy with his dance moves. Just look at those sharp moves and perfect twerking skills.


Teen boy band Upgrade from GMA 7 took the challenge and dance to the tune of Sak Noel’s song. Watch as the group gives their Upgraded version of the dance in their pambahay outfits.

Philippine Island Assassin

Philippine Island Assassin aka PIA NINJA KIDS is a dance group from Marikina City has joined countless dance competitions nationwide. Their unique style of combining B-boy with mixed martial arts has earned the group a fan base.

In the video, the group shows off their individual flexibility first then proceeds to dancing as a group.

Dance Philippines Dubai

Filipinos abroad have also joined in on the fun! Hunky Overseas Filipino Workers in Dubai shake their booties at night for this challenge.

Sean Ray Cunado and friends

Sean Ray Cunado and his friends take the cake for this challenge because they took the challenge out of their houses and into the malls! They danced at random places in the mall just for this challenge. The awkward stares they got from people are worth the watch!

Special mention:


This jolly bumblebee just makes us all happy! Who knew he had those moves, right?



Source: Kami.com.ph

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