[WATCH] Sex tourists’ abandoned children

[WATCH] Sex tourists’ abandoned children

The entertainment business of the Philippines usually aims to produce blockbuster and noontime show hits with the help of mixed-race actors. From actresses like Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis and Julia Montes to actors such as Derek Ramsey, Daniel Matsunaga and James Reid – this industry just keeps highlighting half-bred Filipinos with exotic features and the audience just can’t enough of these stars.

Unfortunately there is a whole generation of mixed-race Filipino children who are not as appreciated as our ‘Crushes ng Bayan.’ Instead they are kept a secret and are often being raised by mothers who work as sex workers.

Angeles City, Pampanga is dubbed as a Supermarket of Sex and a home for many children conceived by sex tourists. These children usually stand out in the crowd more than their playmates for having foreign blood, to the entertainment business this can be seen as an opportunity to shine but to the other kids they play with their strong features are only reasons to pick on and bully them.

Sarah, a sex worker, was taken forcefully by one of her clients. The next morning, he insisted that nothing had happened but once she missed her period, she assumed she was with child. Still making a living as a sex worker, Sarah now has her baby and usually leaves her child with her relatives while she’s working.

Pia, a trans woman, lives with a half-German young boy who was left by his mother. She claims it was difficult, giving him years of her life so he could have a good one but the two have grown inseparable since, regardless of the people making fun of them.

These children have become the real victims of this underground sex industry. We can only assume that their fathers know absolutely nothing about their abandoned offspring.

Perhaps one of life's biggest irony is to be a self proclaimed Catholic nation but at the same time turn a blind eye to injustices like this.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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