Lacson to Duterte: No one can stop us from doing our jobs

Lacson to Duterte: No one can stop us from doing our jobs

Returning Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, agitated with the statement of President-elect Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte’s warning, says that no one can stop the Congress from doing its duties.

Lacson to Duterte: No one can stop us from doing our jobs
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The Senator also stressed on the fact that the Congress is not like most local government councils.

“The Congress, particularly the Senate, is not like most of the provincial, city or municipal councils. We will conduct investigations in aid of legislation whenever necessary, and nobody, not even the President of the Republic, can dictate and stop us from doing our job,” Senator Ping Lacson said in a text message.

“The President should not and cannot stand in the way of our mandated duty. We will exercise our subpoena powers, not to mention the power to cite for contempt any person who defies our authority under the Constitution,” the returning senator added, implying the principle of independence of the branches of the government.

Davao City Mayor Duterte earlier warned the lawmakers not to stand in his way against drugs and criminality by doing series of investigations.

“Don’t investigate me. The road will end with me. The buck stops here. We are going to have a fight. I am doing what is right, as long as it is the truth,” he said.

Senator-elect and Justice Secretary Leila De Lima also gave her piece on the issue. She said that they were “not elected by the people just to be a rubber-stamp Congress.”

According to De Lima, the statements of Duterte, “are designed to send a chilling effect to Congress.”

“The concept of checks and balances is seemingly lost on the President-elect. With that statement, if true and correct (i.e., he was not misquoted), what we expect now from his administration is intolerance to any form or measure of checks to possible abuses of the incoming administration,” De Lima said in a text message.


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