Reversal of Poe DQ Case Might Be Reconsidered

Reversal of Poe DQ Case Might Be Reconsidered

Just when presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe won the favor of the High Court over her disqualification case, it might be under fire yet again as the the appeal to reverse it is open for deliberation.

According to a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a court insider said that the motions for reconsideration, among other election related cases, will be discussed in the first summer session of high court in Baguio City.

The motions for consideration were filed by the Comelec and four other individuals who aim to disqualify Grace Poe from the presidential elections.

Last March 8, the Supreme Court has decided via a 9-6 vote that Poe is eligible to run for president, despite allegations against her concerning her residency and status as a foundling.

Five out of six dissenting opinions have been released, as posted in the Philippine Star. The opinions may be viewed here.




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