What makes Duterte a modern-day Heneral Luna

What makes Duterte a modern-day Heneral Luna

General Antonio Luna was and is still considered by many to be one of the fieriest generals who fought for what he believed was right even if nobody, including first Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo, agreed with him. He was brave and fearless and was willing to lay down his life for the country.

What makes Duterte a modern-day Heneral Luna

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Many believed that in there exists a modern-day Luna and that is President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Why? The following are some of their similarities:

1. Men of steel

What makes Duterte a modern-day Heneral Luna

Both wish to instill discipline in the Filipino people through an iron fist. They are not afraid to send someone to jail, regardless if it’s a family member or not, if he has done something wrong. Both men despise the criminals, the corrupt, the lazy, apathetic citizens and residents of the country who seem to do nothing except than to complain and play the blame game in this society ruled by the elite and the ilustrados.

2. Men of principle

Duterte has been the target of many criticisms now because he changes his mind as often as women change their clothes. However, when it comes to things that he ought to change in the country, his words remain the same. This quality is something that is also represented by Luna.

Both men stay true to their calling and that is to bring change in the country and deliver the Philippines from the hands of the ruling elite and ilsutrados. Despite their changing minds, their beliefs were clear.  Both of these men clearly know what they want for the country.

3. Men who cared about their people.

Both Luna and Duterte have became infamous due to their foul mouths and temper. Both Luna and Duterte are not afraid to curse anyone, even in public. Both don’t care who are listening to them; if they want to curse, then they curse.

However, behind these foul mouths are hearts that care for their people. They have their own set of projects that aim to lift up the lives of their people.

For instance, Luna cared for his mercenaries. He got worried when one of his most trusted men was shot. He showed compassion for the weak and the needy. He gave credit where credit is due.

Duterte, on the other hand, despite his hate towards criminals, still believe that they should be given a second chance and so he built a rehabilitation center for them. He cared for the future of the nation and so he built a center for kids with cancer so that they can be taken cared for.

4. Men who are not afraid to get their hands muddy

General Luna was someone who made sure they deliver results. He was someone who would rather execute orders rather than aske others to do it for them. Duterte shares the same characteristic. He makes sure things get done rather than wait for reports to arrive at his desk. He goes out at night and patrol his area of responsibility rather than stay safe at his humbe abode.

Although both are impulsively most of the times, it is important to note that they pitch in and work with their team, especially in tough times.

5. Men for change

Luna and Duterte both seek change. They both wish to break free from the norm that the Filipino have become comfortable with. They seek to establish a country that can be independent and can truly stand on its own – a country whose citizens and residents are united and not divided by social status, educational achievement, and other factors.

The leadership exhibited by both Luna and Duterte are somehow the kind of leadership the Filipinos need to break free from the “bahala na” mentality as well as the “crab mentality.” IT is the kind of leadership that forces Filipino to become responsible, hardworking, and good citizens.

Luna and Duterte are not perfect leaders. In fact, they have a number of failures and lapses as leaders. However, despite these, they still wish for the Filipinos to rise up. For that to happen, they have to sweat, bleed, and sacrifice for it. These are what make leaders great.

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