A man told his true love story and made us cry

A man told his true love story and made us cry

Does true love still exist? The story told by one man in a coffee shop moves the hearts and makes your faith in true love revive. This man is living proof that people still can marry for love and remain affectionate and faithful to each in good and in bad, in health and sickness.

A man told his true love story and made us cry

"Man...I just was 21 when I met her. I saw her from across the room and brother..... nobody had to tell me who she was. I said 'there goes my wife', and the rest was history. That girl was something else, man. Every single day, I'd go and work for 12 hours, and when I came home, she had dinner on the table waiting for me.

When the kids would go to bed, both of us too tired for anything else went to bed so that we could hold each other. I was always content knowing that she was right there in my arms. I told her every night that as long as she was there, I was just fine. She was my queen, man. I told her that every day, she was the queen of my whole life. And my queen pushed me all the time to be the man I needed to be. She pushed me to seek God and follow Him and love Him with my whole heart, she pushed me to be a better daddy, and you can ask my little girls, and they'll tell you. We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today if she didn't keep on making us better. Some folks just have a way of doing that, you know? Some people just make you want to be a better man.

A man told his true love story and made us cry

Well, one day, she started getting sick. I didn't worry too much at first because everybody gets sick sometimes. But the doctors seemed to think it was something we should worry about. Well, brother, they were right. She asked me if I would marry someone else if she died. She worried about it. She couldn't imagine me being with another woman. I told her I could never have a second queen. But you know what? She didn't believe me! That girl looked me in the eyes and said 'I know you better than that! You're the kind of man who needs a woman by his side. You couldn't be happy alone!'

I looked her straight back in those big brown eyes, and I said 'sugar, I don't need any woman in my life, I need you. You're the only one for me.'

Well, after a year of fighting it, a lot had changed. There was no more dinner on the table when I came home. Instead, I would work 12 hours a day, and I would come home. I would carry my wife out of bed and bring her to the table. I would cook dinner with her sitting there watching me, and we would just talk like nothing ever changed.

Sometimes, we would sit and eat together and smile and just be happy that we could look at each other. On the bad days, I would feed her, and she would cry and apologize, but I told her it was what I was there for. She was so sick, man. She was just so sick. She could hardly do nothing. And she had to take medicine all the time; it was every 4 hours.

So once we ate, I'd carry her back to bed and lay her down, and I would crawl into bed beside her and hold her just like I used to, and everything was ok. Just like I said before, it didn't matter what was going on, as long as I could hold her in my arms. But I could only lay with her for 4 hours at a time because then I'd have to get up and bring her that medicine. But those 4 hours in between when I got just to be there beside her.... I wouldn't have traded that for nothing!"

A man told his true love story and made us cry

He stopped talking, and we just sat there pondering his words with our heart full of feelings. Then the man resumed sharing his story:

"But the body can only handle so much, you know. It took two years of her being sick as a dog before it got the best of her. I saw it coming, and so did she. We both knew she wasn't coming back from it. But it still felt like a sudden thing. I mean....one day she's there in my arms, and the next day she's gone. It killed me at first, but it didn't take too long before I realized that she really was better off. She didn't have to take any more medicine, she didn't have to eat my nasty cooking, all she had to worry about now was praising the Lord!

You know what still gets me, though? Man, I don't know what to do about her stuff. I mean...I can't get rid of it. All her clothes are still in the closet, I got pictures of her everywhere, and her side of the bed is just how she left it. I want to believe she's still here. My daughters tell me I should get it out of there and fix the place up, but I spent my life in that house with her. It's still our home, as far as I'm concerned."

No one could say a word. It’s such a rare case when a man opens up his heart to share such deep things with the public. We all admired what he did for himself, for her and for us, too. The love in his heart was not gone, even when the women who evoked it was no more.

One of the elderly folks in the room said: “You had so much to do. Taking care of her in sickness was not an easy thing.”

A man told his true love story and made us cry

The young man just smiled at us. His face started to shine, and he replied: "Brother, it was my privilege to be able to serve my queen for as long as I did."

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