Doable steps to stop violence in your home

Doable steps to stop violence in your home

Have you seen your friends come in sunglasses even when it rains? Maybe you have been one of those women forced to mask the marks of domestic violence on your face. It should be stopped until it is not too late.

Doable steps to stop violence in your home

What the experts say about domestic violence and how to stop it:

Stop it! Take your stand

Doable steps to stop violence in your home

It’s easier said than done, but the scientists state: the act of domestic violence can be effectively stopped only the first time it occurs. So, if you are on that stage, confront your partner and stand your ground. Usually the first manifestations of domestic violence are not “that violent”. They are easier to resist. If you do not take your stand, the next time it would be much harder to do.

Let the other person know that such treatment is unacceptable to you. You won’t put up with it and would not forgive such things. You have to draw a line of what is acceptable and what is not.

Make an escape plan

If the situation is bad and you do not feel safe at home, you should plan your escape. Do not do things in emotions. Find a time and a place, where you can sit down and think things over. Do not let your emotions to rule your mind. Most likely your emotions have gotten you into this bad situation. So, make a plan. Get some money, find a safe place to stay. Get support from your family, church, community or police. And plan how you are going to get out of this destructive relationship.

Get public

Doable steps to stop violence in your home

The reason why women cover up their bruises is that they are ashamed of the beating. As if it was their fault. The abusers benefit from such a behavior. So, get public. Tell about it to your home group, your pastor, your neighbors, your family and the police. Yes, not all of them would be supportive. Get online, find a support group. The power of abuser is in isolating you. Do not let him do it.

In most cases, domestic violence is stimulated by women! They do not stand their ground and show weakness. Some women say they love their men so much and are willing to put up with it. Stop deceiving yourself. There is no love in violence! Get the love you need from God and from your church, but do not allow the devil to walk on you through the home crimes. It can end up in death! So, pray and take your stand for what is right.


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