What this Steph Curry mini version did to fight bullies will amaze you

What this Steph Curry mini version did to fight bullies will amaze you

Landon Benton is a 10-month-old baby whose pictures in his very own Instagram account went viral after the online community noticed that he looked a lot like NBA superstar and Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry.

Unfortunately, some of the people who made comments on baby Landon’s photos started to call him “Stuff Curry,” noting that the baby looked like a small and fat version of Steph Curry.

Instead of getting embarrassed or reacting violently to the online bullies, Jessica and her family just decided to embrace Landon’s “Stuff Curry” nickname. The mother learned more about the real NBA player and found out that he is an amazing guy to compare her baby to.

Landon’s mother, Jessica, did not understand the reference at first. But when she saw that the other commenters said negative things about her infant son’s weight, the protective mother decided to fight back against the bullies in a peaceful manner.

Not only is Steph Curry considered as the best basketball player in the world today, the greatest shooter in the history of the league, a two-time NBA MVP and a one-time NBA champion, but he is also considered as one of the nicest and most humble athletes in the world. The Golden State Warriors point guard is also known as a family man who loves God, his wife and two children very much.

What this Steph Curry mini version did to fight bullies will amaze you

“I wanted to really turn it into something good and take control of it. Yeah, we’re Stuff Curry,” Jessica told ESPN.

Jessica knows very well the effects of bullying. Her eldest son committed suicide at the age of 20 due to bullying while she was pregnant with Landon.

“I have one kid who is not here with me, who told me people made fun of him and it affected him. I’m not going to have another kid who thinks the whole world is laughing at him,” Jessica explained.

Thankfully, baby Landon is getting less negative comments about his weight since his family embraced his “Stuff Curry” nickname and is now getting a lot of praises for his cute and lovable look and demeanor.

He now has 50,000 followers on Instagram and his pictures are always a hit for the online community. Take a look at Landon’s adorable pictures and share them with your family and friends!

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