Anti-age discrimination law soon in PH

Anti-age discrimination law soon in PH

The Anti-Age Discrimination bill that mandates employers to avoid discrimination by age as a basis for hiring, firing, and rejecting employees has been approved by the Congress and will soon be enacted nationwide as soon as outgoing President Benigno "PNoy" Aquino III signs it.

The Senate has eliminated the need for a bicameral conference by adopting on the May 30 the version of the bill by the House of Representatives

The Senate adopted the House of Representatives’ version of the bill submitted on May 30, thus eliminating the need for a bicameral conference.

The bill will only need the signature of outgoing President Benigno Aquino II before it is implemented. PNoy also has the option to just let the bill lapse into law after 30 days.

However, Senator Pia Cayetano – the Anti-Age Discrimination bill’s sponsor in the Senate – has said that she believed that the president will sign the measure into law before he leaves his post.

Anti-age discrimination law soon in PH

The Anti-Age Discrimination bill aims to provide equal employment opportunities for everyone regardless of their age. The bill requires employers to focus on abilities, skills, qualifications, personality and work ethics as the basis for hiring and firing employees as well as rejecting job applicants.

The measure also prohibits employers from publishing job advertisements in any form of media that suggests a discrimination, limitation, preference or specification based on an applicant’s age.

It also disallows employers from requiring the declaration of a job applicant’s birth date or age during the application process.

The bill also makes it unlawful for employers to not give compensations, privileges and promotion to employees due to their age. Employers are also prohibited by the bill from firing an employee due to their advanced age and from imposing an early retirement once an employee reaches a certain age.

However, age specifications and preferences could still be imposed by employers whose normal business operations directly necessitate the need for age limitations.

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