A loving letter of a husband would roll the tears up

A loving letter of a husband would roll the tears up

What is a true love? Does it make us do big things and achieve greatness? Well, at times one letter is enough to show the truest love in marriage.

A loving letter of a husband would roll the tears up

A husband was not home in the morning, but he left his elderly wife a note. Once she read it, the tears ran down her face. It was a quite usual morning. The woman had some cleaning and other choirs to do around the house. Her man was not home; to tell the truth he was acting funny of late.

She got up and decided to fix the bedroom first. That is when she discovered a note from him on the table. The handwriting was hard to read and a bit unlike that of her husband, but the words came right from his heart.

A loving letter of a husband would roll the tears up

Here is what the note said:

“I decided to write you, while you sleep. Just in case, because I may wake up tomorrow not quite myself. I got in between two worlds and getting lost in one of them. I am afraid one time I won’t be able to come back.

Just in case I would not be able to understand what is going on tomorrow… If the next day I won’t be able to express my admiration for you and how I much I value you. You stay with me regardless of what is happening and still trying to make me happy.

Maybe tomorrow I would not be able to comprehend what you do for me. You put those stickers on the doo s so that I would not confuse kitchen and bathroom. You always make me laugh when I put my shoes on without socks. You keep on talking to me even when I forget what it is about.  At times you whisper me the names of our grandchildren so that they would not know I forgot them. You always kindly respond to my anger outbursts. At times I do not understand what makes me angry. I thank you for all that and for many other things. If tomorrow I will forget your name… If tomorrow I will not be able to thank you… If tomorrow, Julia, I won’t be able to say “I love you”… I do it now."

Yours forever,


Even when our minds fail us; the heart remains true to its deep love and affections. Alzheimer’s disease might have overcome his brain, but not his heart and the true love it had for his wife. Tears surely roll up your eyes when you read this letter.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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