What would apples tell about you?

What would apples tell about you?

What would apples tell about you? Yes, don't be surprised, we really mean apples!

The fruit you choose is the one you associate yourself with, and it can tell about your inner archetypes. Apple is as old as Adam, and even in the Bible it was the fruit of cognition of Good and Evil. So, are you ready?

What would apples tell about you?


You are a straight and honest person. You never try to draw a veil over the truth no matter how it looks like. You never have bad thoughts or secret plans. You are not afraid of being yourself, you don't wear masks and, probably, this helps to cope with all ups and downs so easily. You are happy with each small thing, and don't worry much about everything. The biggest pleasure for you is the common firm apple which you have just taken from the tree by yourself.


You have playful character, you are full of energy! Boredom is you enemy №1, that's why your life is interesting and always full of adventures and scrapes. Your call is to look for them. However, different weird situations find you themselves. Everything that is filled with originality and impression bring you happiness in life. Your apple should be in caramel, covered with chocolate and nuts!


You are an interesting person. This is what other people think about you. But you have another opinion. You have optimism, imagination and aesthetic sensitivity. All this inspires people. Everything that happens in your life interests others greatly. You are convincing even if you don't want to persuade anyone. For you, the best choice is the piece of homemade apple pie after which you will have sweet warm aftertaste.


Your strong point is reliability. You are like armored Rolls-Royce, solid wardrobe or a rock on which someone can rely. You have such rare qualities as balance in your thoughts, feelings and actions. You are restrained and sometimes this can show out as shyness. You listen more than talk, and this totally satisfies you. You are so reliable and loyal that with you everyone can go through hell and high water. What is yours dainty? A cup of hot apple punch - so calm, solid, cozy and tranquil.


Happiness! This is the first word that associates with you! You are living full life, you don't need adrenaline. Life is good, and you enjoy this. You values tastes, views, sounds and smells of every single day. Even prosiness in beautiful and extraordinary for you. You make it this way by yourself. Since the moment of wakening you live each minute. You like to unite with the world. The most sincere happiness is in small things. For example, in sizzling apple pancakes. Right from the hot pan!


You are witty and keen. You have a quick mind and great reaction. You grab everything on the go. Even if you are not too talkative by nature, you can be communicative and cheerful. You are both funny and intellectual, and this makes you the center of any company. But you don't want to get there by your own will. You simply know how to entertain people - nothing more. What is your weak spot? A glass of good apple wine with a piece of tasty cheese.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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