WATCH: Tang's tearjerking, heartbreaking #NoToParentJudging commercial goes viral

WATCH: Tang's tearjerking, heartbreaking #NoToParentJudging commercial goes viral

An online campaign via a commercial spearheaded by Tang Philippines is now trending as it becomes more creative and personal, touching on the subject of parenthood.

A video posted by Tang Philippines shows how parent judging is prevalent in our society. On their Facebook page, the company wrote:

Have you ever experienced being judged as a parent? Don’t worry. As long as you do your best to make a home, it will always matter more than any kind of judgment. Tang believes we are defined by what happens at home. Share this video if you agree.

Watch the powerful video below:

The aim of the video is not only to promote their products but also to campaign against parent judging. It is true that parenting is not an easy feat. Many parents struggle hard and shake heaven and earth in order to provide their kids with the kind of attention, love, and support that they need. However, the society still finds something wrong with how each parent raise up their kids.

No matter how hard we say that we should not judge the book by its cover, there are still those – including us sometimes – who can’t help it. It is always easier said than done.

Tang understands that fully well. This might be one of the reasons why their latest commercial has become trending and much appreciated. Many people, parents and non-parents alike, are able to relate to the video: some being the parent while others being part of the judgmental society.

Tang believes that the well-being or the entirety of a person does not reflect on how their parents raised them up. Sometimes, there are circumstances that are out of the parents control and might have an impact in how a child behaves, acts, or looks. Every one of us goes through different situations in life that might not be understood well by the people surrounding us. So before we lash out negative comments, let us first try to understand where they are coming from.

Again, #‎WeAreHomeMade and please ‪#‎NoToParentJudging



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