LOOK: 6-year-old's photos published by Nat Geo!

LOOK: 6-year-old's photos published by Nat Geo!

Do you remember what you were doing when you were in kindergarten? I bet you weren't doing this!

This six-year-old kid had already published his own book of photos and was featured in National Geographic, the youngest photographer ever! How cute is he?!

Hawkeye Huey was only four years old when he first started shooting photos. His father, Aaron Huey, a National Geographic photographer, gave him his first camera when they were on their first road trip to the southern California desert.

Now, Hawkeye takes photos using a Fujifilm Instax Wide.

On Instagram, Aaron explained why he chose to give Hawkeye an Instax: "The analog object was key to sharing with Hawkeye how to meet and communicate with people. Watching the chemicals develop with the person he photographed, as the photos shifted from a white rectangle to the full color image, was always magic."

For Hawkeye, the magic happens when he hands the photo to his subjects: "I like taking pictures of people because sometimes you can actually hold the picture, you can't delete it... If this were on the computer, you can just put it in the garbage."

Hawkeye's Instagram account is now filled with his photos taken on family road trips. His dad manages the young photographers account, which now has more than 200,000 followers.

Some of his snaps had landed on the online journal Proof by National Geographic in 2015.

Aaron said he's surprised by the unique perspective his young protege shoots from.

"Sometimes he even sees things that I miss. We passed this scene of a woman leaning on a pole with a yellow truck behind her, and I wanted to keep walking but he insisted on going back to take her picture. We did go back, and the picture is one of my favorites from that day," said the proud father.


Now, Hawkeye has been published on the National Geographic magazine itself!

The kid wonder was on assignment with his dad on a road trip to the American West. Both their photos are published on the magazine. The kid even had his own spread.

But that's not all! On June 1, Hawkeye's first book was published on a wider release.

Titled "Cowboys, Indians, Hobos, Gamblers, Patriots, Tourists, & Sunsets: A 5-year-old's Portrait of the American West" was already published last year on limited release.

Here are some more of Hawkeye's stunning photos:

Source: Kami.com.ph

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