Ma’Rosa screening date in PH cinemas announced

Ma’Rosa screening date in PH cinemas announced


The film by critically-acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza will finally be shown in the country, allowing local viewers to see for themselves why Jacklyn Jose won for the Philippines and Southeast Asia its first-ever Cannes Best Actress award.

As announced in a Facebook post by Larry Castillo and was also shared by the Ma’Rosa facebook page, the film is set to be shown in Philippine cinemas on July 6.

Ma’Rosa screening date in PH cinemas announced
Will the film's international acclaim translate to box office success? (Screengrab from Facebook)

The film’s director said in an earlier interview with GMA News TV’s State of the Nation that he hopes that the Filipino audience would start supporting and watching indie films, the same way international audiences receive our own films with much acclaim.

"Sana ma-translate sa box office yung karangalan, yung paghanga ng kababayan natin," he told GMA's Jessica Soho during the TV interview.

When his film Ma’Rosa was screened in Cannes, the audience gave the Philippine team an extended standing ovation that only ended when Mendoza and the cast left the theater. The film director was visibly moved by the reception and was even seen teary-eyed.

The awards night was the peak of that journey whenthe film’s star Jacklyn Jose bested other widely acclaimed and more popular actresses like Hollywood stars Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, French actresses Marion Cotillard and Isabelle Huppert. With an acting nod from the Cannes jury, Jose now joins the ranks of illustrious names who have won the award including Julianne Moore, Juliette Binoche, Katherine Hepburn, Kirsten Dunst, and Meryl Streep.

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With more attention that the film is getting because of the acclaim it received at Cannes Film Festival, Mendoza is hoping that more Filipinos get to watch the film and find value in the stories of the Filipinos that he shares with the rest of the world.

"Kwento natin ito, kwento ng mga Pilipino ito, kwento ng kababayan natin," he said.

He said more Filipinos should be able appreciate the stories he relays through film as he makes it a point that his work is a reflection of life in local communities.

"Maganda rin paminsan-minsan na re-remind tayo," Mendoza added.

His latest film, Ma’Rosa, tackles the issues of prohibited drugs, corruption, and poverty.

In the film, JacklynJose plays a mom who sells prohibited drugs with his husband, played by Juilo Diaz, in a shabu tiangge and gets in prison after a buy-bust operation. She later on reveals the source of illegal drugs in exchange of her freedom, but was forced to still pay a fine to get out of jail. She asks help from her children who do everything to raise the needed money for their parents’ release.

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