Cayetano speaks about Duterte's criticisms

Cayetano speaks about Duterte's criticisms

Vice presidential running mate of incoming President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano speaks on the current issues being dealt with by the camp of the latter due to his provocative statements.

Senator Cayerano said that the media and the people should get used to style of Duterte in communicating his thoughts to avoid problems.

Cayetano speaks about Duterte's criticisms

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“Kung masasanay kayo, maiiwasan natin ang miscommunication,” he said.

Cayetano said that the president-elect might have felt that it was the proper time to express his thoughts regarding corruption in the media industry.

“There are good crusading journalists in the country but there are also businessmen who hide behind journalists. There are also businessmen who use journalism. And there is also the illegal trade that uses journalism,” he said.

Cayetano also said the international media does not understand where Duterte was coming from when he said those statements as they only know portions of the news.

“Hindi nila nakita yung buong konteksto at anong klaseng public official ang ating Pangulo,” he explained,.

“Hindi sanay ang international media na hindi soundbytes. Hindi sila sanay ng nagdidialogue talaga,” Cayetano added.

Cayetano is one of the senators eyeing the senate presidential seat. According to him, fifteen (15) senators have already committed supporting him for the post.

Earlier, the presidential running mate of Cayetano vowed that he is to change and undergo a metamorphosis once he takes his oath of office as the president of the country on June 30 after winning by a landslide during the May 9 National Elections.

In a press conference, Duterte said that he enjoyed being rude as his days are already numbered.

“I am not yet president. Maya maya, maghintay kayo. I’m really a rude person. I’m enjoying my last time as a rude person,” Duterte said.

“When I become president, when I take my oath of office. ibang storya na yun. There will be a metamorphosis,” he added.

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