A  cafe invites customers to pay for coffee with kisses instead of cash

A cafe invites customers to pay for coffee with kisses instead of cash

There is a cafe in Sydney, Australia that has captured the hearts of locals. Metro St. James, a small French-themed cafe, has become extremely popular because of the most unique way of payment it offers its customers. In Metro St. James, instead of paying for your coffee with cash, you can pay by kissing your partner.

This is not any kind of farse or prank, it is the truth. During this month of June, everyone who drinks coffee in Metro St. James between 9 and 11 am will get the chance to pay for their coffees with kisses.

According to the team behind Metro St. James, this promotional idea is not just about getting famous but it is more about bringing romance back. Their Facebook page reads, “We’re bringing romance back! Take your partner to the café from 9-11am in June and surprise them with a kiss when you order your coffee. We’re not accepting your money, just your kisses."

If you are interested in getting coffee and taking advantage of the promotion but you are single and have no one to go with, do not worry because the promotion isn't exclusive to couples. If you are brave enough, you can opt to take some random person you met from the street, or a friend you've always liked, or an officemate, or basically you can have tag along with you. You don't have to be an actual couple, so as long as the kiss has to be genuine.

In Metro’s cute promotional video, one of the waiters says: “We’ll watch you. It has to be a real kiss … a true kiss. I can see if it is a fake kiss. I am kind of a specialist.” So no cheating!

If you ever find yourself in Sydney, Australia, you can check out this place and probably get your own free coffee.

Oh by the way, you can't kiss the staff for any free coffee!

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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