Find out why Duterte admires Freddie Aguilar

Find out why Duterte admires Freddie Aguilar

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has revealed that he admires Freddie Aguilar’s music a lot. In a recent press conference, Duterte described the legendary folk singer as a “nationalist” and a “singer with social conscience.”

Find out why Duterte admires Freddie Aguilar

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The president-elect praised Aguilar for making songs that tackle political issues and problems in the Filipino society.

Duterte added that he first learned of the singer when he was just starting out to serve Davao City as a politician and that his favorite song of Aguilar is “Anak.”

The president-elect explained that the iconic song reminds him of his early years in school, the sacrifices his parents made for him and its effect on his behavior.

"Nu'ng narinig ko 'yan [Anak] nagtino na ako nang konti. Alam mo seven years ako sa high school, baka mag-seven years din ako sa college, naloko na,” Duterte said.

(When I heard that, I slightly improved my behavior. You know, I spent seven years in high school, I might spend seven years in college as well, that is a problem.)

Aguilar recreated the lyrics of his famous song “Ipaglalaban Ko” and transformed it to “Ipaglalaban Kita” which was used as the presidential campaign theme song of Duterte for the recent elections. The outgoing Davao City Mayor won the recent May 2016 presidential elections by a large margin.

Regarding his plans for his thanksgiving party on Saturday in Davao City, Duterte revealed that he might say a short speech for the guests and belt out a song as well.

"I'm not a singer, I do not dance baka sabihin ng mga taga-Maynila women's abuse 'yan (because the residents of Manila might consider that as a form of women’s abuse). Maybe I'll just deliver a few words, or sing one song, ‘Ikaw,’” the president-elect jokingly said.

The thanksgiving party is expected to be attended by 100,000 guests with 600 people expected to perform.


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