Mayor should apologize for catcalling - actress supporter

Mayor should apologize for catcalling - actress supporter

Liza Diño, celebrity and supporter of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte, said that he shall sincerely apologize for catcalling GMA-7 reporter Mariz Umali during a press conference that aired on the country’s national television.

Liza Diño expressed her thoughts on a Facebook post that the whistling of the Davao City mayor was inappropriate and such action justifies an apology.


“In the same way that I defend him by using his context—HIS CONTEXT—as his defense to get away with misinterpretations, it is the very same reason why I believe that what he did to Mariz Umali is inappropriate,” Diño wrote in said post.


“Whether what he did in his own perspective is intentional or not, the fact that the receiver felt it was IMPROPER should be enough reason to warrant an apology. Not necessarily because she was ‘harassed,’ or she was ‘sexually abused’ but because she was OFFENDED. Kahit hindi sinasadya, naoffend sya, so nararapat lang na humingi sya ng dispensa,” she added.


Diño said that she is not in any way justifying Duterte for she acknowledges the fact that “Diplomatic-speak is not his best asset.”


“Look, our president is not perfect. Who is? At one point or another, he’s bound to make mistakes. But not agreeing with him doesn’t mean I don’t support him in the same way that supporting him doesn’t mean I always have to agree with him,” she added.


Earlier, Atty. Salvador Panelo, spokesman of President-elect Duterte said that the latter did not want to offend Mariz Umali, a reporter from GMA-7, when he whistled at her during a press conference on Tuesday.


The incoming presidential spokesperson said that Duterte’s whistling means that the Davao City mayor loves her and that Umali should take it as a compliment.


"Mayor Duterte is a very kind, playful individual. Pag siya'y pumito, ibig sabihin he's fond of you, ibig sabihin mahal ka niya, kaya ka binibiro. Hindi po isang pambabastos yun. On the contrary, the receiver of that should be complimented," Panelo said.




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