Things you should never post on social media if you are single

Things you should never post on social media if you are single

There are many single men and women out there who take their anger at their singleness to social media. Being single can be quite a miserable state of being, especially when all of your friends have been sending you their “Save the Date” cards and asking you if you will bring a plus one.

It is completely maddening to be the only single person in your friendship circle. It can be really frustrating especially when you think you have done everything a single guy or girl can do just to land a date. With the mounting frustration, you will find yourself in the bar, hugging a tall bottle of whiskey, and telling anyone who will look your way that the universe is playing a cruel joke on you and that your being single is in fact a curse.

No matter how mad and desperate you are about being single, you still should not post anything that will make you undesirable on social media. Remember that there are still a lot of single guys and girls in your social media websites, and it will be a complete and outright disappointment if they read your negative statements on singlehood. There might be people in social media who would want to date you, so remember to keep your status updates positive about life instead of ranting about why you suck at dating. To give you an idea, here are some of the things that you should not be posting on your social media accounts when you are single.

Things you should never post on social media if you are single

Expectations in a date

Your social media accounts are not dating websites, so it is not appropriate that you post your dating profile in your Facebook or Twitter. Never post anything about what you are looking for in a prospect date on social media because you will only be the subject of mockery or pity, usually both. Let other dating websites host your dating profile because there are lot of dating sites out there that serves as a gateway to successful online dating. Remember that people on your Facebook know that you are single because it is stated on your relationship status. However, you do not need to write your criteria for a possible date in your status updates.

Pictures of your ex

The fastest way of letting other people know that you are a bitter bordering on creepy ex is when you post pictures of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, and you broke up two years ago. In a psychological time-frame, it is said that the moving on phase should be only about three to six months. Therefore, if you are still bitter about your ex even when you have been apart two years already, then something is not right. We are not judging here, but you need to move on with your life and find a new person to give your love and attention. Posting pictures of you and your ex is nostalgic yet creepy. We recommend that you burn those photos or delete them so that you will not be tempted to post them to remind yourself that you have been in a dysfunctional relationship once.

Details of your dating life

People have mistaken social media for their private journal. It is crazy how some people think that the rest of the world in social media is interested with what they had for breakfast, what piss them off today, and who they have dated last night. The latter is the worst way of using social media. You should not give a play-by-play of the dates that you have been on because let us face it, no one is interested in knowing about them, and more importantly, it is completely unfair to the girls or guys that you date. Yes, it is overly exciting that you are finally exerting some effort to be in the dating scene again, but you do not need to post every detail about the date on your Facebook. In addition, live tweeting about your date night is also completely unacceptable.

Your new crush

So, you have a new crush. That is totally cute. However, if you are posting details about your new crush and tagging him or her on your post, then that is totally creepy especially when he or she does not know you that much. It is okay to have a new crush since that is the inspiration you just might need to finally move on and let go of your grievances with your ex. However, when posting something about your crush on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, ask yourself first: “Will this post or comment scare him or her?”


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