Duterte:  P3M reward for drug lords, dead or alive

Duterte: P3M reward for drug lords, dead or alive

Since one of his main campaign promises is to eliminate drug use in 3 to 6 months, incoming president Rodrigo Duterte is now offering P3 million for the death or capture of drug lords.

During a press conference on May 31, Tuesday, Duterte said that law enforcers will now be issued with a ‘dead or alive’ order. However, they are still required to abide by the laws in completing his commands. It is important that these law enforcers know when it is legal to kill or not.

Duterte:  P3M reward for drug lords, dead or alive
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The president-elect noted that Dante Gierran, his newly-appointed chief of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), should not hesitate on killing agents that are involved with illegal drugs. The Armed Forces of the Philippines will also take part in this undertaking by checking for pushers or anyone involved with illegal drugs inside the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Duterte made it clear that ‘dead or alive’ means that if the criminal raises his hands to surrender, then he is alive. If the criminal fights back, then he is dead.

There will also be rewards for lesser targets, starting with 50,000 pesos for ordinary drug pushers up to 2 million for supervising drug lords.

It has been hinted that the bounty will come from Duterte’s remaining campaign funds, which he claims is not stolen money. There were also reports that the bounty money would be given to the NBI.

Duterte concluded the conference’s opening remarks with a warning to drug lords: "Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not destroy the youth of the land, our children, because I will kill you," he said.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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