WATCH: 90-year-old woman conceives

WATCH: 90-year-old woman conceives

It is indeed one of the greatest fulfillment in life to reach a certain age where you’ve gotten to see everything. Everything wouldn’t usually mean unusual things or traveling. Sometimes it just means to be able to see your kids grow up to be well with their kids visiting you, sitting by your feet and listening to your stories.

For the 90-year-old Margaret Allen, she has waited long enough.

Allen has already given birth to 14 children, but she claims that not one was able to give her one grandchild. You’d think with as much children as she had, she’d have passed down the child-bearing skill to at least one daughter or son.

WATCH: 90-year-old woman conceives

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Margaret decided to take matters into her own hand, because she believes, if you want something done, you ought to do it yourself. With her strong faith, she prayed hard to God and wished that a baby would once again grace her body - a baby that she can treat as a grandchild. Since she is no Virgin Mary, she just went ahead and prayed for the ability to conceive.

Many doctors have considered the old woman’s wish to be preposterous and have told her that it’s impossible at her age considering the fact it’s not common or natural for a woman to get pregnant after menopause, and she is way past that stage in her life.

She still remained hopeful despite the comments and chose a 22-year-old guy to sleep with her, in hopes of conceiving.

She held on to her faith, as she continually prayed. Finally, after a few years of trying, Margaret Allen has achieved an impossible feat - she conceived and is now 5 months pregnant with a healthy child.

For many women, it would be such an odd thing to wish for childbirth given the fact that the body would have increasingly slowed down at Margaret’s age. Still, at such an odd wish, it cannot be helped to see the purest of intentions.

As it is, she has handed us a great gift - the gift of faith - and the thought that it's never too late to ask for a miracles.

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