Duterte to solve crime and public transport problem

Duterte to solve crime and public transport problem

Once Rodrigo Duterte takes his oath as the new President of the Philippines, he will immediately try to solve two of the most common problems of Filipinos in their daily lives: rampant crime and poor public transportation.

Duterte to solve crime and public transport problem
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“I have to declare a crisis in the war against crime and on the part of commuter trains and all,” Duterte told reporters during a news conference on Saturday midnight.

The incoming President revealed that his first big project as the head of the Philippines is to build a railway for the country that will connect Manila to Nueva Vizcaya in the north, to Batangas and Sorsogon in the South, and a railway system for the whole of Mindanao.

However, Duterte’s public transportation vision has a huge hindrance to overcome. “I tell you frankly, we do not have the money for it,” Duterte explained.

An earlier plan to work with China in creating a railway system that was meant to connect northern Metro Manila to Clark Field, Pampanga was halted in 2012 due to controversies about corruption and the worsening territorial dispute over the South China Sea.

But if China decides to resume its plan to help the Philippines build a revolutionary railway system, the President-elect assured the public that the Philippines will continue to fight for its claim over the disputed territory.

“Just because you’re building me the railway doesn’t mean to say that I am abandoning the Scarborough Shoal,” Duterte said.

As for the rampant crime and illegal drug problem in the country, Duterte is expecting the police force to deliver in stopping and killing criminals. “Show me cold bodies,” Duterte suggested.

The incoming President also wants the police force to start stepping up their operations even before he becomes the President. He plans on recruiting 3,000 police officers to strengthen the force and creating two Army divisions for special security purposes.

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