Pinoy on FBI’s most wanted list

Pinoy on FBI’s most wanted list

Filipinos are known for their global competitiveness. It was no surprise when the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) included a Filipino in its list of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in the US. And like any other report, this Filipino’s case didn’t go unnoticed.

Pinoy on FBI’s most wanted list
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Philip PatrickPolicarpio, convicted for killing his pregnant lover LaurenElainOlguin and their unborn child, has been spotted in a notice posted in the FBI’s website informing potential individuals to reveal any information that would be helpful in finding and arresting the condemned suspect.

FBI added Policarpio’s name in their Most Wanted list last May 19, along with nine other criminals.

With a $100,000 bounty on his head, the FBI was able to gather information that led to Policarpio’s arrest, when a witness saw him kill his pregnant girlfriend with a gunshot last month during a party at the Rampart area of Los Angeles.

Special Agent Scott Garriola, who is a member of the Los Angeles Fugitives Task Force, said that Policarpio instantly went into concealment after the attack that took place, which desecrated his chances at winning his conviction in 2001.

FBI delineated  Philip Policarpio, also called as Bugsy (one of many other aliases), as an illegal drug abuser and mentally unstable person.

‘Bugsy’ Policarpio was believed to have fled to Las Vegas before his conviction.

Garriola told LA Times that Policarpio was ferocious and a threat to the safety of  the community.

Policarpio, 39, is 5-foot-8 man with brown eyes, black hair, and has moles on his face. Weighing from 150-165 pounds, he is also composed of tattoos ranging from his chest, arms, and back up to his left thigh.



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