WATCH: The most racist ad of 2016!

WATCH: The most racist ad of 2016!

Here’s a racist Chinese laundry detergent commercial that has got netizens steaming mad.

In the video, a Chinese girl is doing her laundry when a black man covered in white paint suddenly woos her. The girl calls the guy by gesturing him to come closer with her fingers.

When the man gets close to her, he tries to kiss the Chinese girl. The girl then puts some sort of tablet in the guy’s mouth before grabbing his head and plunging it inside the washing machine.

In the next scene, the guy gets completely sucked inside the machine while the girl sits on top of it. You can hear the screams of the guy inside the machine as the shot focuses on the laundry detergent brand Qiaobi.

What comes out next is a Chinese guy ‘washed off’ of his ‘blackness’. The girl looks delighted in seeing the covered-in-paint black guy to a Chinese guy with clean clothes and fair skin.

Netizens were left speechless after watching the commercial.

A lot were shocked at how bad the commercial was and how they “literally wash the black off of him.”

A Twitter user even questioned, “why would the Black guy agree to be in this racist advert?”

Various news sources have also called this ad racist including CBS News, CNN, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, BBC News, NBC News, and many more.

Many have noted that this commercial is not an original creation. Netizens have compared it to the Italian Laundry Detergent commercial from a few years ago showing a girl doing laundry also. In this ad, however, the girl seems to not like the guy she’s with so she also grabbed the man and dumped him inside the washing machine as she sits atop of the machine.

The outcome is the opposite of Qiaobi’s ad. In this, a hunky black guy comes out of the machine while the phrase “Coloured is better” pops on the screen.



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