Prince does drugs and evades tax - Keanna Reeves

Prince does drugs and evades tax - Keanna Reeves

Actress Keanna Reeves shows proof that Prince Stefan is doing illegal drugs and isn’t paying his taxes on her social media account.

Janet Duterte a.k.a. Keanna Reeves recently unleashed controversial news about Prince Stefan. She claims that Prince Stefan is gay and has verbally assaulted her.

Prince does drugs and evades tax - Keanna Reeves

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In a series of statuses and Facebook videos, she ranted and further attacked the artist saying that he is using drugs and is not paying his taxes.

After hearing what she had to say, Prince Stefan posted his message on his social media accounts sharing his side of the story. The artist has said that Keanna is lying and making up stories.

In retaliation upon seeing Prince’s posts, Keanna backs up her claims by showing proofs of her conversations with the alleged gay artist.

On Thursday, Keanna posted photos on her Facebook account proving that her claims are not made up. She captioned the post, “Tuloy ang laban!!! #‎turuankongLIKSYON‬ ang mga taong #‎SINUNGALING‬!!! kahit saan tayo makarating magsasabi kalang ng totoo!!! hindi ako titigil!!! ang#‎YABANG‬ mo ha!!! YOUR WORDS AGAINTS MINE!!! watch and learn..” (The fight continues! I’ll teach liars a lesson! Wherever we go you should tell the truth! I won’t stop! You’re so smug! YOUR WORDS AGAINST MINE! Watch and learn…)

Keana accused Prince of using drugs and even mentioned that he should be scared of Duterte because “change is coming.” In one of the photos she posted, Keanna shows a conversation that ensued between her and Prince talking about meeting up on a certain place and time. In the screen capture, Prince mentions that he’s still under the influence of “coka” (cocaine) and “weed.”

The actress also claimed that Prince was afraid of dealing with BIR and Immigration matters, as he does not pay taxes. Keanna proves her claims with screen captures showing Prince asking her for help in making fake bank and BIR certificates. Keanna also attacked the artist for not having money on his bank account.

Do you think these screen captures prove that Prince is indeed using drugs and not paying taxes?

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