5 tell-tale signs that she will break your heart into pieces

5 tell-tale signs that she will break your heart into pieces

When it comes to new relationships, it is somehow difficult to check for flaws of the woman you are dating. Most men involved in new relationship are too excited about that fact they are not single anymore that they tend to ignore the clear signs that the women they are dating are out to smash their hearts into fragments. Some relationships are doomed to sink big time from the very beginning, but there are a lot of men who put up with their partner’s flaws just to keep the relationship afloat.

While it is a pessimistic point of view that most relationships are destined for failure, it is still crucial for any guy to check for signs that the woman he is dating is not a perpetual heartbreaker. There are smart, manipulative women who are out there to bleed your heart dry in the same way Twilight movies ruined the concept of vampires for you. Here are red flags you should keep in mind to know that the person you are dating is a man-eating heartbreaker.

5 tell-tale signs that she will break your heart into pieces

She Needs More Space than the Universe

It is great to find a girl who knows what she wants as an individual and sets up personal goals in life. At the start of the relationship, she tells you right off the bat that she is the kind of woman who values her personal space and time. The woman you are dating likes her own space and wants you to respect it that even though you are a couple, there are still things that she wants to achieve as an individual, and those things do not include you.

Although this is a good thing especially for guys who hate women who are too clingy, you still should not be dating someone who values her own space and time more than she values your relationship. If you need to set up an appointment once a week with your girlfriend because she has too many personal things to attend to, then you are in for a heartbreak. Yes, it is important that you respect your girlfriend as an individual who has her own personal goals, but if those goals get in the way of your relationship, then it is time to assess whether she is the right girl for you. It may sound selfish for men to break up with women just because she has career and life goals to pursue. However, relationships deserve time and attention, and if your girlfriend cannot give you that, then breaking up with her is inevitable.  

Her Number of Real Friends = Zero

There are women who do not have a lot of friends, which is okay especially if you are the clingy type who wants to be with your girl all the time. However, if the woman you are dating has no real friends, then that is another story. If your girlfriend does not have a single friend who has known her for years and who will be more than willing to write her obituary when she dies, then there must be something wrong with the woman you are dating.

It is either she is a social chameleon who jumps off from one interesting group of people to another or she is a total bitch who scares off people. Friendships are crucial, and knowing that she has real friends who have been with her for years is one clear sign that you are not dating someone who is socially-challenged.  

Her Friends are Her Priority

As mentioned above, it is important that your girlfriend has people in her life that she can consider as her real friends. You do not want to be dating a girl who has a perpetual hatred towards mankind. However, if the woman you are dating values her friends more than she values you and your relationship as a couple, then that is also another story.

Having her own set of friends is a good thing since you also do not want her to be that clingy girlfriend who constantly hangs out with you and your buddies. However, if she ditches you and your plans as a couple to say, meet her friends at a bar or spend vacation with them instead of your planned sojourn together, then you should better discuss the matter immediately.

She Does Not Show You Off To Her Pals

A girlfriend who really loves you will always be more than willing to spend time with you, provided that she is not too busy. She is also more than excited to show you off to her family and friends. Once you meet her friends and family, you will be able to tell that she has told them stories about you. Likewise, if she really loves you, she is excited as well to meet your own family and friends.

If you girlfriend does not show any sign that she wants to  you to meet her family and friends or she wants to meet yours, then she is either an assassin who has a secret identity (which is hot, by the way) or she does not see herself having a long-term relationship with you. Although you need a certain amount of time to be in a relationship before you decide to meet her family and friends, it does not need to take as long as say, two to three years. If your girlfriend refuses to show you off to her family and friends, then she must be hiding something from you or she clearly does not see herself with you in the future to warrant such an important gesture.

She Treats You Like a Walking Bank Account

It is cute when your girlfriend asks you for gas money once at the early stage of your relationship. However, if she asks you to give her money constantly even in small amounts, then she might have you pegged more as a bank account than her boyfriend. There is nothing wrong about supporting your girlfriend financially when she really needs it, but if she is asking you money to say, pay for her credit card bills or finance her gambling addiction, then she is clearly just using you.

Even if you are financially stable, if your girlfriend is a self-respecting woman, she would not need you to support herself financially during your relationship. It is okay to give her expensive gifts and take her to luxurious trips, but if she only stays in your relationship because of your fat wallet, then it is time to assess your relationship.

Breaking up from any relationship can be messy, but is inevitable especially when you are dating a girl who is guilty of a few of the things listed above. Save yourself from the trouble of being emotionally invested in a relationship that is destined for damnation. If your girl show signs of these red flags, then you should end the relationship as soon as you can.

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