Duterte slams CHR resolution about rape joke

Duterte slams CHR resolution about rape joke

Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte accuses the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) of “nitpicking” after the agency released a resolution saying that the incoming president violated the Magna Carta of Women with his insensitive and offensive remarks regarding and Australian missionary who was raped.

Duterte called out CHR chairman Chito Gascon and described him as a nitpicking idiot.

Duterte slams CHR resolution about rape joke

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That idiot is nitpicking. I told already in public how it happened. Then you keep on issuing a statement. Here I am, I’m about to enter the presidency. What do you want?” said the presumptive president at a press conference on Wednesday, May 25.

The incoming president retold reporters his position on the controversial remark saying that it may have sounded like an offensive joke to many but it was merely a part of his retelling of the hostage-taking incident in 1988. The horrendous rape incident of an Australian missionary by the hostage-takers fueled his rage thus making him say those words out of anger.

He refers to the statement as a form of “gutter language” that aimed to ridicule and undermine the manhood of the hostage-takers. Duterte has a reputation of using such language along with what the bisaya would call “yaga yaga-on”.

Duterte told reporters that he retold the incident during the campaign rallies to preempt those who wanted to dig up tapes of the time when he first made the remarks.

Kaya inunahan ko na. Itong putanginang [Commission on] Human Rights kumagat rin. Masipa ko sila eh. (So I tried to preempt them. This son of a bitch Commission on Human Rights bit the bait. I want to kick them),” he said.

Duterte also called the CHR too naïve and simplistic. He argues that he was only in exercise of his right to speech and freedom of expression.

While the CHR can comment and criticize his statements, it does not have any power to impose any serious sanctions.

The human rights agency recommended that other agencies like the Civil Service Commission and the Department of the Interior and Local Government to pursue appropriate punishment for Duterte’s violations.

The CHR found Duterte’s words to be discriminatory towards women hence prompted them to act upon the complaints of women’s groups against the latter.

Chairman Gascon also noted that the commission's constitutional duty is to protect human rights and to

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