Duterte’s tailors start preparing designs for his barong

Duterte’s tailors start preparing designs for his barong

It is no secret that presumptive President-elect Rody Duterte is no fan of dressing up to fancy clothes, but it looks like he's not going to have much of a choice once he is sworn in.

As the incoming country's leader, Duterte will have to wear the Barong Tagalog more often.

GMA News TV's "State of the Nation with Jessica Soho" reports on Wednesday that Duterte's favorite tailors have started preparing a design for the barong Duterte will be wearing on his oath taking this June 30.

Duterte is more commonly seen wearing his favorite checkered polos and jeans. His usual outfit is placed together by his favorite designers Chard Pulatche and Bonnie Adaza of Chardin Davao.

According to Pulatche and Adaza, they designed the barong Tagalog the president is wearing to the inauguration similarly to the design of the barong he wore during the presidential debates in the University of the Philippines, Cebu in March.

The barong is made of Piña jusi with Mindanao-inspired designs.

Duterte has been very vocal about not wanting the presidency to have a great effect on his way of life. He has repeatedly campaigned for a frugal administration.

“I don’t want to adjust my life just because I’m President. Napaka-corny niyan. You take me for what I am,” the incoming president said.

However, incoming president's partner Honeylet Avanceña, told reporters that once Duterte is sworn in as president, he would look and dress more statesman-like.

"The character that he projected during the campaign was the character very appropriate for the campaign period kasi awayan iyan eh. Presidency, are you still going to don such character when you should act like a statesman?" Avanceña said previously in an interview.

The presumptive president has earlier spoken about his preference of hosting his inauguration inside the palace rather than in the Quirino grandstand in Luneta because of the hassle and the additional cost it may incur. He has also vocalized not to host banquets that will cost millions. He looks forward to avoiding spending unnecessarily for extravagance.

Duterte’s tailors start preparing designs for his barong

Filipinos are generally expecting the incoming President of the Philippines to wear a barong in the upcoming inauguration on June 30.


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