Caught on CCTV: Watch

Caught on CCTV: Watch "Ipit" gang prey on a vegetable vendor

A 53 year-old vegetable vendor in San Antonio, Parañaque named Aling Francia, had no idea that she was apparently a target of an organized pick pocketting scheme by four women who stood behind her pretending to be customers of her small vegetable store.

These women are suspected to be part of the "ipit" gang- notorious for pulling of pick pocketting schemes that involve "clipping" their targets.

While three of the women were distracting the vendor by pretending to be interested in purchasing her goods, one of them stays close to her and starts opening her bag and taking away the money inside it. The strategy involved 3 members of the group asking about the price of the items while one of them would stand very close beside her making a move for her bag.

Aling Francia was surprised and dismayed upon seeing the CCTV footage as it caught everything that happened. The victimized vendor fell to tears as she saw the 4 women play out their scheme on her, bagging P8,000 cash that she claims was one week worth of income selling vegetables at the market.

She continues to cry in frustration telling reporters that the money that was stolen was intended to pay for her children's tuition and to finance the capital for their vegetable business at the market. She shares her disappointment in these women's actions and shares her sympathy to other people who are working hard only to be victimized.

Barangay Officials are convinced that this was an organized scheme that was executed professionally and hunched that these were done by members of syndicates. Officals believe that this was only one of many incidents that used the same strategy.

Barangay Captain JR De Lima Sanchez has offered a P50,000 cash reward to whoever can pinpoint the exact location of the women caught on the CCTV. The cash reward aims to expedite locating these suspects and bring justice to their victims.


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