How to communicate with your boyfriend/girlfriend

How to communicate with your boyfriend/girlfriend

Keeping a good and open line of communication is an important factor in having a healthy relationship. After all, relationships, especially the romantic ones, exist between two individuals who carry their own previous romantic expectations and experiences into the relationship. As human beings, couples may have two distinct levels of communication, so it is really important that both partners try to have a common ground in order for them to communicate better.

Communication is the life and blood of every relationship. You can become a better communicator in your relationship right now by applying these tips in how you communicate.

How to communicate with your boyfriend/girlfriend

Keep the communication lines open and honest.

To be part of a loving and healthy relationship means you have to go out of your way in opening up your life and yourself to your partner. Hiding your emotions and turning little lies into huge ones will only harm your relationship. When something is bothering you about your relationship, your partner will appreciate it if you will invite him or her to sit down and talk about it.

Use humor in daily conversations.

Humor plays a crucial role in the relationship because it keeps things in a light mood and gives both parties a break from the toll of the serious issues in their relationships. As much you can, inject humor in your daily conversations with your partner so that you can both communicate in a fun and loving environment.

Talking is not communicating.

Many couples adhere to the idea that communication in a relationship involves talking to their spouses or partners. When you talk to your partner, then that is an automatic form of communicating. Talking is one form of communicating in a relationship, however, if you only talk about surface-level topics such as, “How was your day? “Were the kids giving you a hard time?” or “How is the weather down there?” then you do not really engage each other in a rewarding conversation. Real communication in a relationship should involve important topics that relate to how you are as couples.

You do not always have to be right.

Most of the time, couples have a seemingly unending heated argument because both individuals in the relationship want to prove that they are right. Having the sense that you always have to win an argument all the time is a harmful trait that hurts your relationship. You need to learn to cede an argument and be ready to back off in order to keep the tone of your conversation at a respectful manner.

Find something that you both enjoy.

One great way to improve and spark better communication in your relationship is by finding activities and things that you BOTH enjoy doing together. Getting involved in an activity where only one party is interested and the other is merely participating is not exactly bonding. To strengthen your bond as a couple and improve the quality of communication, you need to be part of something that you enjoy doing together as a team.

If you love to travel, you can both start planning your long-term travel goals or your dream vacation spots. This way, you can make plans about the places you both want to visit together while making future plans for your relationship. You can also do something that you both have not done before as a couple. This way, you will both have something new to experience and you can share the joys of doing something that is beyond your comfort zone.


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