[Video] Two cubs playfight in the road; look what the driver did after

[Video] Two cubs playfight in the road; look what the driver did after

Imagine driving down the road when suddenly you come across two adorable furry rascals having a bit of a playful brawl in the middle of the lane. What an unexpected way to brighten up your day!

Motorists driving through Montana's Glacier National Park, USA got to experience this pleasant surprise firsthand.

Footage taken by a stunned driver clearly shows two black bear cubs affectionately playfighting. If you look closely at the footage's background, you can see that other drivers had stopped to watch and take videos of their own. The two cubs were totally clueless to the attention they were getting, being absolutely invested in their playtime.

They look like they're fighting at first, but after a few seconds you realize that they're just showing each other some tough love. Like WWE fighters, they stood on their hind legs and tried overpowering one another with their paws. They mischievously threw punches at one another and tumble about on the road. Towards the end of the video, you can even see them giving each other a little cuddle before they casually plodded back into the woods.

Did they know about the crowd they had attracted? Probably not, because then they may have left earlier - but who knows? Maybe they enjoyed the attention! And the motorists don't look like they mind the small setback in their travels.

One question, though: if the cubs were so close to the busy road, where was their mother? Thank goodness none of the drivers tried approaching the little cubs - that might have ended on an unpleasant note. Hopefully they all managed to go their way and avoid her later on!

On a serious note, always be careful with bears. While they are wild animals that deserve to be protected, their behavior is unpredictable, especially concerning mother bears and their cubs.


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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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