How to find the right guy for you

How to find the right guy for you

Finding the “perfect” guy is hard work because it is as complicated as looking for a needle in a mountain of haystack. There is no “perfect” man, and finding for one will only prove to be a futile endeavor. Anyone who will tell you that finding the perfect guy is easy is either extremely lucky or has obviously not been out in the dating scene for a long while. However, you can start searching for the right man for you, once you have already figured out what kind of man you want to be with in the future.

If you have dated someone who treated you badly or did not exert enough effort to treat you as an equal partner, then finding the right man for you is a crucial task. It is essential because you surely do not want to end up with a guy who only gives you lackluster romance and degrading insults. You want someone better for a change, and if you want your next partner to be someone who is worth the wait, there are things you need to do and change in order to find one.

How to find the right guy for you

Look with Heart not with Your Eyes

Most women have a list of traits that they want for their dream man. However, if you will only stick to your dream guy characteristics, you will have a difficulty finding a man, especially when the traits you have on your list describes a man that is God’s gift to women. It is okay to have “types” because it gives you some way of measuring if you will like a man or not. However, the best piece of advice is not to stick with your list religiously.

For example, if your type is a man who is smart and tall, you will probably only entertain guys who fall under that category. However, how about the men who are actually intelligent but are not gifted with much height? Will you just close your doors to them? If you want a smart guy, then that is a good trait to look for in a man, but is height a serious issue for you?

Most of the single men out there will not possess all the traits that you want in a man. Often, they only have 3 or 5 of the characteristics that you want, but not all 10 or whatever number you have on your list. Do not settle for anything less, but also do not hinder yourself from dating men who are close enough to match your dream guy.

Think that Men are More than Just Prospects

The problem with some women who are out to look for a potential mate is that they tend to become vicious hunters. It is like they only set out on a date to find a prospect partner in life. If you are already doing this, but still fail to land the right guy, it is because you only see men as prospects. Life is full with wonderful possibilities, and it can provide you with a better man than what you have imagined if only you will stop looking at men as mere potential mates.

If you do not like a guy on the first date, give him a chance at another date. Most of the time, it is the first-date jitters that make him a little undesirable for your taste. If you give him a second chance though, but you still think that he is clearly not your type, do not totally close your doors at him. You can still have him as a friend, and his friendship can add another brilliant dimension to your life.

If he is not a prospective mate, then he might become a great guy friend who has another single guy friend that might be your soulmate. When you only look at men as potential lovers or mere fuck buddies, you could miss out on a number of men who can possibly become your good friends and supporters in the future.


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