Quiboloy no hard feelings for Duterte

Quiboloy no hard feelings for Duterte

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name, said in a media interview on May 23 that he has no hard feelings with presumptive President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte.

Quiboloy no hard feelings for Duterte
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“Hindi po ako nagtatampo kay Mayor,” Pastor Quiboloy said.

(I don’t have anything against Mayor.)

He assured the public that his friendship with the mayor continues and that he will continue to pray for the success of the latter.

Although it was earlier said by Mike Abe, spokesman of Quiboloy, that the two had no official communication since May 10, the longtime friend of Duterte understands that the tough-talking presumptive president has a hectic schedule.

Quiboloy expressed his praises for Duterte when the latter said that he would prioritize the interest of the country before their friendship.

"My loyalty to you as a friend ends where my loyalty to my country begins," Duterte said.

Pastor Apollo also said that he will not utilize their strong friendship to interfere with “national interest”.

"Kahit kaibigan ako, kung ako ang nakakaharang sa national interest ng ating bansa, ako na mismo ang aalis," he said.

(Even if I am a friend, but if I am a hindrance to  the national interest of our country, I myself will go away.)

"Pareho po kami ni Mayor na nagbabantay sa public interest. Ako rin po bilang Kingdom leader ganoon din po ang aking value o tinatayuan," the pastor added, reminding everyone that he, too, is a leader and that he will do the same in his place.

(Mayor and I are both guarding the public interest. I, as a Kingdom leader also have the same stand. )

Just as how the mayor values “national interest”, Pastor Apollo also puts importance on his “Kingdom interest” that when his relationship with the people around him, whether close or not, is in conflict with the interest of the Kingdom, he will not put them first. The Kingdom interest is his highest authority.

When the partial and unofficial vote count displayed a land-slide win for Duterte, the pastor offered his private jet and even its gas to the mayor without any consideration or favor especially that Duterte wants to go home to Davao City every night after work.

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