Online dating turned most men into commitment-hating trolls?

Online dating turned most men into commitment-hating trolls?

Internet dating brings men to a new world where they get a never-ending source of attractive and interesting ladies that can become their prospective dates. With online dating, men are served with a wide array of potential dates that bring to mind the way eat-all-you-can buffet restaurants serve their food.

With the abundance of ladies online, men can simply choose or discard women as easily as picking away unhealthy food choices on the menu. With a fast Internet connection, men can browse for other hotter options with the ease of a few mouse clicks the way they pick food from a buffet table.

Online dating turned most men into commitment-hating trolls?

Online Dating Killed Courtship

Online dating has brutally murdered the traditional methods of courting with a kitchen knife, and it has made it easier for men to spark up a conversation with as many potential dates they lay their eyes on without even leaving their bedrooms. With the help of their strong Internet connection, it is easier for most men to become perpetual daters since they only have to log-in on any online dating site, fire up their profiles, and upload 3-6 of their best photos to get a steady supply of women vying for their attention. Instant messages have taken away the romance out of the equation and have made the hookup culture more appealing that most men dissolve into them.

Online Dating Made Breakups for Some Men Bearable

It is the sad truth that there are men who are not afraid to jump from one relationship to another because they know they can easily get back into the dating scene just by firing up their computers. Post-breakups are supposed to be the time for a man to assess what he really wants out of a relationship and what he can give in return to make his future relationship work for the best. However, for most online serial daters, getting the boot from their former flame is just a signal fire for them to start flirting with every willing woman online.

The problem with serial daters who take breakups and relationships for granted is that they end up trapped in the never-ending cycle of casual, commitment-free relationship suicides. They course through the dating scene thinking that there is an endless supply of women eagerly waiting for them.

The Truth about Men as Dating Trolls

But has men really turned into irresponsible and serial dating robots because of the plethora of girls available on their computer screens?

No. The Internet might have given men an opportunity to become heartless serial daters and to constantly meet, bang, and dump as many women as possible, but we would like to think that not all men who have online dating profiles have turned into dating trolls.

Here’s the truth: the tendency to become a serial dater exist with or without the aid of the Internet. Unfortunately, even without online dating websites, there are men who are born to have penis for brains. These are certified jackasses who have no other goal in life but to follow their penis feelings.

Admit it, we all crave to become these serial daters who can spend time and hang out with as many women as we can and just wait for the time when we find them unattractive that we do not want to be seen with them anymore. The best part is that we do not have to promise commitment to these women since the concept of commitment has been made into a fictional idea with the advent of Internet dating. This is why Ryan Gosling’s character from “Crazy, Stupid, Love” way before he dates Emma Stone’s character is a prime role model for most happy-go-lucky bachelors.

What Most Men Really Want at the End of the Dating Cycle?

However, no matter how cynic or asshole a man has become, he still wants to end up with someone he can commit to. At the end of the long, complicated process of selecting, dating, and dumping, what we all really want to have is a happy ending. That is the basic truth. And by happy ending, we do not mean getting married and having as many children as your sperm can spawn. It can simply mean being with someone whom you find special and spending as much valuable time as possible with her. The world maybe an enormous Playboy Mansion, but you must keep in mind that even the Hugh Hefners of the world marry that elusive bunny too.

Yes, the Internet, with its numerous dating sites, have made it extremely easy to find someone to date, but it does not necessarily mean that you have to jump into the bandwagon of serial dating trolls and bang as many ladies as your six-inch exhausted penis can handle.

The Internet should not be an obstacle to love, commitment, and monogamous relationships. Online dating is a tool, and you can either use it to become the irresponsible dater that ends up miserable in the end or be a man who is more than ready to engage into a commitment-centric relationship.



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