Drowsy puppy drifts to sleep on baby

Drowsy puppy drifts to sleep on baby

Have you ever had a pet dog? If not, go out and find one - your life isn't complete without a faithful canine by your side! You know what they say - a dog is a man's best friend, and the bond forged between the two can often last a lifetime.

And I'm sure the kind couple in the video think so too. Last March 21, 2012, they found a puppy tied to their fence. They took her in, named her Callie, and believe she is a pitt - catahoula mixed breed.

The couple's son in the video - no specific identities were revealed during the taking of the video - was around 3 months old, the same age as Callie. He would roll over to sleep on his stomach, and Callie would carefully and affectionately rest his head on the baby's.

At around 1:42 in the video, you can see Callie slowly lowering his head onto the baby's, and gently wiggling around to find a comfy position.

Four years later, the couple reports that the two still play together. Their child couldn't have found a more loyal companion to grow side by side with!

Some commenters believe that the whole thing was staged all along - but who cares? A dog and a baby in one video is cuteness overload anyway, anytime.

Dogs are usually very accommodating to new members of the family - it's not unusual to find stories of the internet of helpful adult dogs guiding their little friend around the house, amusing them in their desolate moments, or even seemingly communicating with them when they need to express something.

If you're a dog owner and you have an infant, or are expecting one soon, don't be afraid to introduce him to your child. A dog can be one of the greatest blessings you can give your child.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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