Where to buy dry ice: uses, benefits, price

Where to buy dry ice: uses, benefits, price

Dry ice is essential when it comes to food preservation and scientific research. It is also commonly used at clubs, theaters, and Halloween parties to create a foggy effect. If you need it and would like to know where to buy dry ice, we have prepared a few valuable resources for you.

Where to buy dry ice
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Learn about all the major purposes of this natural product and how to purchase it for a good price online.

What is dry ice?

Scientifically, it is considered to be a solid form of carbon dioxide. It does not have a color and is non-flammable. It can be manufactured rather easily. Usually, it is produced in blocks or cylindrical pellets of a few different sizes.

Even though this substance seems like it is cold, you have to be careful around it, since touching it could damage your skin and cause burns due to the severe coldness. Putting it into your mouth is strongly not recommended, either.

Does dry ice melt?

This solid carbon dioxide is different from the cubes that are usually put in cold drinks. It does not melt into a liquid state. Instead, it changes to a gas at room temperature, which is called sublimation.

Dry ice benefits
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Since it is a solid form of the gas that is used for breathing, it has different properties than the similar substance, which is frozen water. It is quite difficult to create frozen carbon dioxide, as opposed to the relatively easier process of freezing water.

As for dry ice temperature, the gas becomes solid at the temperature of -109 Fahrenheit, which equals -78 degrees Celsius. It is much lower than the water's freezing point, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

Dry ice: uses

Naturally, the most common use of this substance is food preservation through applying it to items that are supposed to stay frozen. One of the examples of such food items is frozen yogurt.

It is often used by scientists, as they frequently need to freeze samples. Quite often, people use it to make oil spills solid to prevent pollution, and create sculptures that will stand firmly without melting.

In multiple instances, this substance can be used for entertainment, as it can often be encountered at theatres, nightclubs, fog machines, and haunted houses on Halloween. This is because sublimation happens faster when it is put in water, and it creates clouds of fog.

Buy dry ice: price

Like many other products, this one can be purchased online in a simple way with delivery. It will be necessary for you if you run a business that requires the substance. Luckily, dry ice Philippines is easy to acquire.

Dry ice temperature
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On the shopping website Lazada, you can get dry ice for sale. Dry ice price is ₱105.00, which is a great deal as the resource offers some discounts.

You will get ten 100 ml bags, which you will have to fill with water to make it a gel, and then put to the freezer and wait. Afterwards, you will be able to use it for about 10 to 12 hours, and reuse it up to a thousand times, which is handy as you will not have to purchase another set for a long time.

Purchase now on Lazada. Get your bags of frozen carbon dioxide for a great deal!

Learning where to buy dry ice might be complicated at first, but, just like a lot of products, this one can also be bought online without a hassle. You will get a high-quality substance that you will be able to use many times in a row.

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