Black radish benefits for cough: receipts

Black radish benefits for cough: receipts

Black radish is a cough medicine that has long been known to work immaculately. Rarely honey helps adults and children with bronchitis and colds. Let's figure out how to prepare and take the cough medicine properly. What are the black radish benefits?

Black radish benefits for cough: receipts
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Black radish for cough: a recipe for adults

In autumn and winter to catch up on a cough, and not always get rid of it. Black (or bitter) radishes can help with coughing. Ingredients and radishes relieve spasm and promote the elimination of sputum from the bronchus. The key thing is to know how to prepare a cough mixer. Here are the tried and true recipes:

  1. Take a large clean vegetable. Cut the top off, remove the core in part, and break it open in part with a spoon or knife. Add honey or sugar. Cover with the top. Give it 4 to 6 hours. When the juice has separated and is mixed with honey or sugar, start using syrup. The normal daily allowance for an adult is 100g.
  2. Coarsely chop the radishes. Place the pieces in a jar and cover tightly with a cover. Half an hour later, remove the lid and breathe over the jar. This inhalation relieves coughing and throat perspiration.
  3. Prepare a salad. Wash, peel and coarsely rub the radishes, then mix with honey. Let the salad stand and release the juice. Rare honey will tone up and protect the body from infections. Eat this dish no more than twice per week to help avoid upsetting your stomach.

The useful properties of black radishes were known as far back as Ancient Greece. The scientists found references to this product in frescoes and in myths. The Greeks ate radishes before meals and used them as a preventive measure for colds and urinary tract infections.

Black cough radish for children

Black radish benefits for cough: receipts
Source: UGC

Children fall ill more often than adults. Consult your doctor before treating your child for the symptoms of a cold. Make sure your child has no allergies or other side effects. If there are no contraindications, try the following recipe:

  1. Blend the pulp of black radishes with honey or sugar. Give the mixture a run for its money. Wash your child with this syrup three times a day. One teaspoon before eating and cough will go away in a week. Remember: radishes juice should be stored in a dark and cool place for no longer than 24 hours.
  2. Mix the grated radishes with honey, salt and vodka in equal amounts. After five or six hours, the juice will come out. Raise your baby's breasts and back twice a day.
  3. Do your child an inhalation over a jar of ground radishes. Keep the fumes out of your eyes: they can cause allergies and irritation.

In intensive treatment, the child's cough subsides in a matter of days. To prevent the cold, give your child a small number of radishes every few days.

Black radishes for cough: contraindications

The radishes contain a high percentage of sugar, essential oils, iron, B and C vitamins. The high content of micronutrients and the dense fibres of the product can affect the human organism differently.

Do not take radishes in cases such as:

  1. Pancreatic and gastrointestinal disorders.
  2. Pregnancy. Ingredients found in radishes can tone the uterus.
  3. A propensity for depression.
  4. Allergies to B vitamins or C.
  5. Diabetes. In the case of diabetes, radish juice should be consumed only in its pure form, without the addition of honey or sugar.
Black radish benefits for cough: receipts
Source: UGC

Use radish treatment for no more than two or three days, even if you don't have contraindications.

In summer, use fresh radishes to treat colds. They accumulate useful vitamins and trace elements. Squeeze the juice from the radishes. It cleans the blood and improves overall health.

Don't forget that in any treatment, a measure is important. It is better to consult your doctor before taking self-action to fight a cough and cold.

Attention! The material is only informational. The treatments described in this document should not be resorted to without first consulting a doctor.


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