Einstein the African grey parrot performs "Singing in the rain"

Einstein the African grey parrot performs "Singing in the rain"

Parrots are basically known as amazingly smart and incredible creatures. Many know them as birds who can talk and mimic the voices and sounds they hear around them.

They also seem to have a lot of words in their vocabulary that only them can understand while there are also moments when what they say is absolutely clear. Their intelligence and talents make them stand out. Everyone would surely love to watch and listen to them. One of the talented parrots is Einstein. He is an African Grey parrot who always wants to show off his talents to anyone near.

In the video below, you will see Einstein belting out his version of the song, “Singing in the Rain”. As we all know, this song is a classic and a lot of people absolutely love it. The confident parrot did some vocalization first and then waited until the lights were adjusted, and then he started to give it all. Yes, he is sometimes off-key, but his undeniable confidence to sing the song is what makes him exceptional. Watch the full video here:

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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