Six amazing uses of tin foil that you should know

Six amazing uses of tin foil that you should know

Tin foil, aluminum foil. Whatever you call it, sure this stuff really helps you a lot when it comes to cooking and baking.

But do you know that a tin/aluminum foil has more use than what you expect it to have? Well, all thanks to Youtube channel Clean My Space, here are six great hacks that will be totally cool for you to do at home using a tin foil.

1. Dryer Balls

This is a tried and true trick. Remove the static in your dryer by creating two foil balls and throwing them in with the wet clothes. The positive and negative charge of the balls will remove static and leave your clothes cling free.

2. DIY Funnel

Do you need to move liquid from one vessel to another but don’t have a funnel handy? Fear not, you can make one out of foil! It’s easy and then there is no mess to clean up, just recycle your funnel or if you want clean it and save it for next time. Simply take a large piece of aluminum foil, fold it over several times and then roll it into a funnel. That’s all there is to it!

3. Sharpen Scissors

Have a pair of dull scissors that can’t cut through tissue, well aluminum foil is to the rescue again. Just take a large sheet, fold it over several times to make it thicker and then cut through it with the dull scissors and repeat a few times to get your scissors back into sharpened shape!

4. Cooking Grease

We’ve all had to deal with cooking grease and as tempting as it is to just pour it down the drain, do not do it! You will end up with clogged pipes and a plumber’s bill that your wallet will not like. Instead line a bowl with tin foil and then pour that grease in. Allow the grease to congeal and then throw it away or save it for future cooking. Simple, clean and efficient.

5. Pot Scrubber

Dirty pot that won’t come clean? Grab some foil, crumble it up and get to scrubbing. You’ll be amazed at how well this works. Use it on any pot that you’d use a scouring pad.

6. Battery Saver

Have you ever been watching TV and gone to turn up the volume at a crucial point and your remote is dead and all you have in the house are AAA batteries!? Oh, the horror! Well, we have a neat trick for you. Take those AAAs and add a little foil to the ends to extend to the length of an AA battery and voila your remote is back in action.

Watch the video below for the tips:

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