Erap welcomes Lim's protest

Erap welcomes Lim's protest

Former president and incumbent Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito “ERAP” Estrada says that the filing of an election protest against him by his rival former Mayor Alfredo Lim is “most welcome” as he can face the charges and defend himself from unsubstantiated claims thrown at him.

 Estrada assured that he never cheated in his whole life as far as election is concerned.

Erap welcomes Lim's protest

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“It’s (the election protest) most welcome. I’ve never cheated my whole life as far as election is concerned,” the incumbent mayor Estrada said on Wednesday at the Kapihan sa Manila Bay.

“I can’t stop him. He (Lim) should feel free to accuse me of anything and file it in court. I’m willing to face all the cases there,” Erap added.

He said that Lim is hallucinating and he just cannot accept his defeat.

“He must be dreaming. Ganyan ang natatalo e, kung ano-ano ang sinasabi, ayaw aminin ang pagkatalo,” he said.

Erap said that he has nothing to be afraid of.

“But my conscience is very clear. I’ve nothing to be afraid of. I’ve never cheated in my whole life. I’ve been a mayor, senator, vice president, president, I’ve never cheated,” Estrada emphasized.

“Basta ang importante nanalo ako. There’s no substitute for victory whether it’s a big margin (or not),” he added.

The incumbent mayor, who ran under the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino party won with a final and official tally of 283, 149 votes. He bumped off Lim by only over 2,000 votes with 100% precints reporting. Former Mayor Lim, who ran under Liberal Party, had 280,464 votes.

When asked what his reaction is, "I was a bit surprised," Estrada answered.

He believed that most of the votes against him are from those severely affected by the rise on real property taxes.

"They want good service for everything, but they don't want to pay property taxes. I had no choice, because I inherited a bankrupt city," he added.

In 2013, Erap Estrada defeated Lim by 30,000 votes.

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