The importance of having a long-distance best friend

The importance of having a long-distance best friend

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The importance of having a long-distance best friend
Having a long-distance best friend is hard. You can only see each other a few times a year, which sucks. You have to communicate through text, phone calls, Skype and Snapchat (usually simultaneously), which also sucks because nothing compares to real life, face-to-face interactions with your BFF. You aren't there for all the milestones and heartbreaks, which also sucks. Frankly, having a long-distance best friend just sucks.

But, having a long-distance best friend is also one of the best things in the world (Lucky me—I have three!).

My best friends are some of the most important people in my life. I love them to pieces, and I would be absolutely lost without them. We're all very different people, yet we're also literally the same. While none of us attend the same college, I talk to them everyday. Phone calls, weekly Skype sessions and constant text messages keep me up-to-date on what's happening in their lives. While I would love to have them at school with me to enjoy every moment of our lives together, there are some great things that come out of having long-distance BFFs.

She will always offer honest, unbiased advice.

Your long-distance best friend doesn't know every person in your social circle or each professor that teaches your classes. While most of the time she'll take your side, she will also be the one who can tell you when you're overreacting. She can look at every situation from an outside point-of-view and help you choose the best option, whether that be saying that your friend is really acting crazy or telling you which dress looks best for formal.

You always have someone to talk to.

None of my friends even bother to ask me who I'm texting anymore because there's a 100 percent chance that it's my best friend. Long-distance best friendships are great because all those random thoughts that go through your head on a day to day basis can just be sent along to them, and they'll totally appreciate it. No matter what time of day it is, a phone call from my BFF is always welcomed.

They'll always listen.

Sometimes you just need a break from school life and people and just need to vent. Long-distance BFFs won't spill your complaints about your roommate or your ex-boyfriend-who-lives-down-the-hall. They're a totally safe person to spill all of your feelings to, and the best part is, she'll always reassure you that you're still her favorite person ever.

There's always something to look forward to.

While most people dread leaving school and going home over breaks, you know that going home means getting to see your BFF. No one from school understands how much you miss your favorite restaurants and hang out spots from home like she does. When breaks approach, my long-distance BFF and I count down the days until we'll get to be together again. Added bonus: it's an excuse to plan vacations to go see each other, too!

It brings you closer.

In my opinion, moving away from my best friend has only brought us closer. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" may be cliché, but it is true. Being away from your best friend only makes you appreciate her more. While apart, you can both grow as people, make new friends, and figure out what you want to do with your lives. Thankfully, a good long-distance friendship stays strong throughout everything, and all of these changes will only bring the two of you closer together.

Having a long-distance best friend is really hard, and it sucks most of the time. You'll miss her like crazy, and it's sad that the two of you can't take on every important moment of life together. However, being able to maintain a strong relationship despite distance is a very useful skill to have in life. If your friendship can withstand everything that comes with being long distance, you've found a keeper. And remember, your next reunion is never that far away!

by Eileen Curran



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